Faux Armadillo for your Upholstery!

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Take a look at this armadillo-textured faux leather! It is perfect for upholstery projects, as it has a Double Rub Count of 60,000. This means it won’t wear out quickly, is very durable, and is suited to frequent use. It also has a nice red fade-to-black look, wonderfully blending the two colors into a realistic leather appearance. The texture is based on that of an armadillo, adding to its authentic look. This fabric also has a genuine leather backing. It will make a wonderful option for upholstering chairs, sofas, and even car seats. You can also use it for clothing!

Grain Armadillo Faux Fake Leather Vinyl Fabric / Sedona has a width of 54″. It does not stretch and is 10% polyethylene, 85% polyester, and 5% leather. To clean it all you need to do is wipe it with a wet cloth. This sturdy fabric is available for $23.95 per yard, and samples are $1. This fabric will certainly bring a new look to your furniture with its intriguing color design!


fuax armadillo faux fur

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