The Real Deal?

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Vinyl Faux Leather is a good alternative to completing D.I.Y projects. You will be amazed at the price since it is $15.99 per yard. This vinyl can be used for cute desk or vanity benches, a head board for a bed, and pillows to add accessories. Use this fabric to reupholster old chairs would be great as well, but don’t limit this product to house hold accessories! You can also create nice looking booties or even a purse in to the mix. The color is limited, which is a dark brown color, but a good quality about this pleather material is that it does not stretch. The product comes semi gloss giving it a classy and natural leather look. You will not have to put much effort in to cleaning this material, which is great for having small children. The product is also long lasting. Which is a plus when thinking about saving money.

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