Stay Warm & Dry with Our Coated Melton Wool

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Waterproof Coated Melton Wool Fabric is a great fabric option for your DIY coat pattern. This fabric is sold by the yard at $37.99 (don’t forget to use your November coupon code!). Waterproof Coated Melton Wool Fabric is highly favorable when you want to stay warm and dry! More importantly, the material is unisex and great for gender neutral projects such as waterproof faux leather jackets for the colder months. DIYers can also use this fabric to craft a great matching hat, gloves, and scarf set to go along with their coat pattern. In fact, it gives you the option of having a little fun by making a blanket or comforter for any size bed. If you’re using this material for a child, make sure it’s favorable to their skin type.

How To Take Care Of Wool & Other Design Ideas

Many people have decided to get creative with this type of wool material and create a dress or a fun toy for a new baby in the family. This durable and easy to sew material is very similar to shag faux fur. To maintain the material you should wash it less frequently by hand with a gentle detergent. Turn your garments inside out before you attempt to wash them to prolong the life of wool material.

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