Snake Sopythana Texture Vinyl Faux Fake Leather Fabric

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Vinyl Faux Fake Leather Snake Sopythana Texture Fabric

Vinyl Faux Fake Leather Snake Sopythana Texture Fabric

Product Info:

Our Snake Sopythana Vinyl Fabric is made from the best available Vinyl on the market, the fine linked, precise grain and high contrast, multi colored print gives the material the liveliness of a real snake. Our Snake Vinyl Fabric is as good as real leather but at 1/3 of the cost.


Can be used for Frames, Pillows, Headboards, Various Projects, Purses, Shoe Accessories, Clothing Accessories, Automotive Seating, Furniture, Other Upholstery Applications….

Products Details:

Made From 100% Vinyl
Width: 58″
No Stretch
Backing Made From Felt
Wash Code: Wipe With Wet Cloth
Gloss Top Coating
Embossed Fabric
Feels & Looks Like Real Snake Skin
Sold In Continuous Yards

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