Have Some Fun With Texture Alligator Fabric

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Feeling adventurous with a new project? Why not use an alligator faux leather fabric to make a statement. It comes in a variety of colors, so you can really have fun with it. You can order it from bigzfabric.com. It is a shiny fabric made of 72% PVC and 28% Polyester. The fabric is very easy to work with, as it has a 75,00 double rub count. It comes in a 54″ inch width, and can be bought by the yard, or entire roll. This fabric is currently on sale for $9.99 a yard, previously it was $13.50 a yard.
Imagine the fun you can have making your own faux alligator purse. You don’t have to stick with just green, brown or black either. You can go hot pink, aqua, blue, or many more colors. Here is the link to see the colors available. http://bigzfabric.com/index.php/fabrics/faux-fake-leather-vinyl-fabric/vinyl-faux-fake-leather-pleather-embossed-shiny-alligator-fabric.html
Maybe you want to update your bar stools. This fabric would look great on the stools, and are easy to clean too. Perhaps your boring old wood headboard could use a new look? Let your creativity show, and go crazy giving old things a new look, or create new items with it. Have fun and get it while its on sale today!

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Shiny Alligator Vinyl Fabric

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