Edgy Accents with Skull Print

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Faux leather can be used to make many different creations. As holidays creep up, special patterns will emerge on the market. Faux leather is a great alternative to real leather, and much cheaper. Faux leather can cost anywhere from about $6 per yard to over $100 per yard. However, this can still be a bargain compared to real leather, and you can find faux leather that looks and feels just like the real thing. There is a huge variety of patterns, colors, and effects you can get with faux leather.

Some fun ideas you can do with faux leather are making a purse, making clothing, or even making upholstery for your car seat. And, when you make it yourself, you can add the details you want. For instance, you can make a faux leather purse at the fraction of the price of the real thing. You can add things like pockets for your cell phone and keys or zippers to protect your valuables. As far as clothing, you can make pants, vests, or jackets. And with this print in particular.. Hello Halloween Costumes!!

You do need to take precautions when sewing with faux leather (real leather too). Unlike other materials, when you sew, the needle will create a hole that cannot be undone. So, you need to make sure you practice and know exactly where you want to sew. You may even want to practice on a scrap of the faux leather to see how it moves on your sewing machine and how the needle works with the fabric. But, overall, have fun and make whatever your hearts desires!

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Halloween leather vinyl print

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