Bold, Geometric, and Stunning: A Mesh Fabric for Decor or Wardrobe

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Looking for a stunningly bold dress or skirt fabric? Or do you have decorating plans that could really use a unique fabric? Then Mosaic Geometric Vinyl Leather Mesh Fabric may be perfect for you. It features geometric shapes carefully sewn onto a transparent mesh background. These shapes give a sophisticated, intense look that is certain to attract admiring attention. You can choose from 9 colors, including Black, Burgundy, Champagne, Gold, Red, Blue, and White. All colors are of subtle, formal shades, except the Blue which gives a brighter look. So, you’ll be able to find a shade to fit your needs.

This fabric is made of vinyl, giving it that signature shine. It comes in a width of 51/60 inches. You are sure to look your best when wearing a dress made of this fabric, whether it is airy and flowing, or fitted and shapely. You are the designer, and your imagination is the limit. This fabric is available for $23.99 per yard. If you’d like to see it up close, you can ask for a $1 sample first.

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