Add texture to you projects!

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Create unique projects and make a great statement when you use Tropic Sopythana Python Snake Vinyl Fabric. This fabric is harder to work with, but can still be a great option. At first glance it looks a bit overwhelming and confusing to decide which way to use the fabric. Projects vary from headboards, frames, to pillows and even clothing accents and accessories. Made from polyester, this fabric is easy to work with and offers the ease of wiping with a cloth t clean the material simply. Multiple colors are available in this fabric, and there are also different patterns. A common pattern is the classic snake skin that is lightly embossed to create texture.

Purchasing this material can offer some complications to overlook. A small amount of this material may need to be folded in order to reduce shipping cost. With an additional fee, the fabric can be shipped on a roll and depending on how it is being used can be important to consider. The price is appealing to those that want to make a great statement and are looking to keep a minimal budget. While leather vinyl is a different fabric, it is a great option to work with.

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