Abstract Patterns Breathe Life into your Decor!

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Looking for an abstract pattern to add life to your home? Would you like your décor to feel just a bit more interesting and unconventional? If this sounds like you, Astral Dots Vinyl Faux Fake Leather Embossed Fabric may be just the thing! This fabric features an abstract repeating pattern of three dots arranged in a triangle, alternating with a wave shape that brings to mind a smiling face. It is 100% vinyl and can be cleaned using a wet cloth when necessary. You may want to use it in a high-traffic area since it is so simple to keep clean.

We recommend you reupholster seat cushions or a sofa with this felt-backed fabric. It will give your home a fresh look and your furniture years of additional use. Instead of getting entirely new furniture, you can bring new life to what you have. Choose between white and black for the look you want to create. At $6.99 a yard, this fabric is a great opportunity. It comes in a width of 58 inches. As always, you can request a $1 sample to try this fabric out.

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