A Dragon Skin For Every Reason

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Have you ever wanted to slay a dragon? What about be a dragon? Or an alligator? Or turn your car into a dragon?

Perhaps not, but if you have, this vinyl nicely embosses a repeating scale pattern in six colors, with a solid onyx and range of two-tone shades; desert brown, red and aquamarine, and two different shades of purple, each with a complimentary color off-setting the primary. The scales alternate between large and small, with few of them perfectly set, producing a slightly more ‘realistic’ animal hide.

Each color sells for $10.50 a yard and when lain out covers 54 to 55 inches across, and is made of a polyester and split leather coated in polyurethane, backed by a thin layer of felt. You could use it for upholstery. Or you could stitch yourself a dragon-skin coat, or full sets of clothes and accessories. Or redo your bedroom suite, complete with matching curtains, pillows, sheets and blankets.

A saddler might choose to use this when making new tack, as vinyl can be used for almost anything real leather can. It could be used for props or costumes in a play or movie, or for building parade floats and furniture.

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dragon gator upholstery


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