Historical Vinyl Fabric

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Leather vinyl is a very sleek fabric that allows for plenty creations. Vinyl is a synthetic resin or plastic mixed with polymer, or polyvinyl chloride as well as polyester. You can rest assured that the word, “synthetic” means that it doesn’t come from animals. Historically, it was the main material for women’s corsets. Many forms of it today have a corset style with a thin layer of backing.
Today, leather vinyl can be used to make everything from pillows to shoes to upholstery accessories to plant hangers.

A couple of other perks about leather vinyl is that it’s very easy to clean and that its colors may vary. All you need to do to clean it is wipe it with a wet clothe. The variation in the manufacturer’s monitor settings is what makes the variation in their colors possible. Some forms of them are waterproof.

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leather vinyl fabric

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Faux Leather or For Real?

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There are many different instances in which a lesser quality material seems a better choice. This may be for a larger project or for mass production. Although, the quality of real leather products may seem prestige; the manufactured fabric is becoming more and more appealing.

The price of leather is rather stubborn, that is why vinyl fabric makes for a great alternative. We sell this beautiful Glossy Vinyl Wicked Embossed fabric for only $12.99 per yard.

You can make the fashion staples such as boots, belts and bags with this vinyl fabric and get the look you are going for, for much less! Learn more about the fabric linked below:

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Diamond Wicked Embossed Vinyl


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Cobra Print Faux Leather Vinyl

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Cobra Snake Skin Vinyl Faux Fake Leather Fabric is a cobra print vinyl fabric sold at BigZ Fabric. It is gray and black so it will match any color scheme, and wipes clean with a wet cloth. It is 58″ wide and is sold in continuous yards so it even works well for large projects. It can be used for upholstering furniture or automotive seating, handbags and other accessories, frames and decorations, headboards, plus much more. I am thinking of using it to back a picnic quilt. The vinyl would protect against moisture from the ground making it to the picnic, but we would still have the look and feel of a traditional quilt to sit on. With its felt backing it can also be used for clothing. It is reasonable priced at $15.99 per yard and you can even order a sample for $1. Give us a call if you have any questions!

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Cobra Snake Skin Vinyl Faux Leather



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