New Vinyl Fabric Rebate Program That Saves Small Business Clients Up To 20%

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Vinyl Fabric Rebate Program

Vinyl Fabric Rebate Program

Our Vinyl Fabric Rebate Program is designed to help our small business clients that are currently placing by the yard vinyl fabric orders, paying retail rates and have a constant monthly volume with our company Big Z Fabric, to leverage that volume to receive reduced pricing. This program has exclusively been designed for clients that do not have the ability to purchase vinyl fabric by the bolt and receive wholesale rates. This program will give our members a rebate check based on a percentage of their net purchases every quarter (once every 3 months). This will enable our program members to receive reduced pricing per yard, build their volume, and even allow them to offer their customers lower more competitive pricing. Call us to 844-BIG-Z-FAB (244-9322) to get more information and view our rebate categories.

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