Solid Heavy Glossy Faux Fake Leather Vinyl Fabric

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NEW Solid Heavy Glossy Vinyl Fabric coming in 6 shiny colors ready for your next upholstery projects. You wont be disappointed using our Solid Heavy Glossy Vinyl Fabric, it comes with a width of 58″/60″ inches and is easy to use. This Solid Heavy Glossy Vinyl Fabric is sold by the yard or by the roll depending on your needs.

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Solid glossy vinyl fabric ideas and uses
Wet Glossy Vinyl Fabric Coat
Glossy Vinyl Fabric Santa Claus Christmas Boots
Sexy Devil Vinyl Fabric Halloween Costume
Shiny Vinyl Fabric Sexy Cop Halloween Costume
Glossy Vinyl Fake Leather Fabric Jacket
Shiny Vinyl Fashion Women Belt

Solid glossy vinyl fabric colors