Save on your leather!

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Time to keep warm and start making those vinyl leather fall and winter accessories you will be needing for yourself and your loved ones. Get the glamorous and classy look of leather gloves without the cost, and with the peace of mind that your accessories are faux leather!

Be sure to use your October coupon code on all orders through the end of the month to save even more!

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Create your own Luxury Handbag!

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Would you like to own a high-end, luxury handbag? Have you thought about creating your own but haven’t found the right fabric, or weren’t sure you could do it? There’s something intrinsically satisfying about wearing something you’ve made, especially if no one knows. With Big Nile Crocodile Faux Crocodile Faux Fake Fabric you can do just that! Create your very own custom purse, cut to your specifications and personal needs. Finding a perfectly sized handbag with all the compartments and zippers you need is hard enough, but finding one that looks amazing as well is even harder.

Don’t let the prohibitive cost of luxury leather purses stop you, because you can own that very same look for just $11.50 a yard. This could be your chance! Our faux crocodile leather comes in 14 colors, so you can even create a two-toned purse. Choose from bright or more traditional colors and create the purse that fits your life, your budget, all while looking magnificent! This fabric is 100% vinyl with a width of 54/56 inches and polyester backing. You can request a $1 sample if you need some additional inspiration before you get started.

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big nile crocodile faux fabric swatch

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Do you Need a Leather Look? Check out this Fabric!

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The only thing limiting what you can do with this Grain Armadillo Faux Fake Leather Vinyl Fabric is your imagination! This fabric is absolutely perfect for an unprecedented range of projects. Need new, awesome-looking seat covers for your car? Need a new purse with a cool leather pattern? Want to make a one-of-a-kind picture frame with a western flair? Or do you need a new belt to accent a dress but want it to match your boots? Then read on because you’ll want to know more about this fabric.

This fabric has a double rub count of 60,000. That means whatever you turn it into, it will last for a long, long time. This faux leather fabric is made of 10% polyethylene, 85% polyester, and 5% leather. This grain armadillo patterned fabric measures in at 54” wide. Get it for $23.95 in your choice of eight different shades. Ask for a $1 sample if you’d like an even easier time of envisioning your project. This fabric is sure to give your project, whether large or small, a distinct and fashionable look.

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armadillo faux fake fabric collage

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