A Dragon Skin For Every Reason

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Have you ever wanted to slay a dragon? What about be a dragon? Or an alligator? Or turn your car into a dragon?

Perhaps not, but if you have, this vinyl nicely embosses a repeating scale pattern in six colors, with a solid onyx and range of two-tone shades; desert brown, red and aquamarine, and two different shades of purple, each with a complimentary color off-setting the primary. The scales alternate between large and small, with few of them perfectly set, producing a slightly more ‘realistic’ animal hide.

Each color sells for $10.50 a yard and when lain out covers 54 to 55 inches across, and is made of a polyester and split leather coated in polyurethane, backed by a thin layer of felt. You could use it for upholstery. Or you could stitch yourself a dragon-skin coat, or full sets of clothes and accessories. Or redo your bedroom suite, complete with matching curtains, pillows, sheets and blankets.

A saddler might choose to use this when making new tack, as vinyl can be used for almost anything real leather can. It could be used for props or costumes in a play or movie, or for building parade floats and furniture.

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dragon gator upholstery


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Waterproof Vinyl With A High-Class Look

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Vinyl fabric is a durable plastic material with a wide range of applications in the crafting world, ranging from a photographer’s backdrop, curtains on a shipwright’s boat, or covers for a bookbinder to use. This vinyl comes in black, silver and white, and is easy to clean since vinyl is waterproof. The design is a delicate swirl motif over a width of 56 to 58 inches, lending detail to even the smallest cuts, so although it’s $15.99 a yard a little creativity will see no scrap left behind.
It’s marketed as an upholstery fabric, so a casual sewing machine might have trouble working it if it’s too heavy. This could be made into curtains, pillows, purses and any kind of clothing that needs a leather look. Because it’s waterproof, it would also be ideal for headboards and other household furniture.
If none of these are your style, it would make beautiful wall accessories, or really any flat surface in the home, including the floors, ceiling and walls. This vinyl would work excellent to redo any part of a vehicle interior with a fresh style. Because it’s good for so many things, you shouldn’t reign in your imagination with this fabric.

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DIY Laptop Carrier Creations

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Tired of the generic black leather carrying case for your laptop? You know the one, that doesn’t stand out on the conveyor belt at the airport? You can easily create your own, personal carrying case with the use of vinyl fabric. So why not pick a color that stands out in the crowd like a blue?
Arlind Country Saddle Distressed Upholstery Vinyl Fabric is very durable, generally, lined with a soft felt so you will not have to worry about the inside material scratching your device. The outside, being vinyl is easy to keep clean and serves as an outer protective cover.
The price of the vinyl fabric is $13.99 a yard, which isn’t out of the price range for durable indoor and outdoor material. Most laptops will require approximately 3/4 of a yard of the material, yielding a price of $10.50.
Sewing with vinyl fabric is a breeze as long as your sewing machine is equipped with a walking foot, roller foot or a non-stick foot. Using a leather needle of 90/14 with a 3.0 mm or greater stitch length, and securing your fabric placement with wonder clips will allow you to create your personalized carrier.

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country saddle distress vinyl

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