DIY Laptop Carrier Creations

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Tired of the generic black leather carrying case for your laptop? You know the one, that doesn’t stand out on the conveyor belt at the airport? You can easily create your own, personal carrying case with the use of vinyl fabric. So why not pick a color that stands out in the crowd like a blue?
Arlind Country Saddle Distressed Upholstery Vinyl Fabric is very durable, generally, lined with a soft felt so you will not have to worry about the inside material scratching your device. The outside, being vinyl is easy to keep clean and serves as an outer protective cover.
The price of the vinyl fabric is $13.99 a yard, which isn’t out of the price range for durable indoor and outdoor material. Most laptops will require approximately 3/4 of a yard of the material, yielding a price of $10.50.
Sewing with vinyl fabric is a breeze as long as your sewing machine is equipped with a walking foot, roller foot or a non-stick foot. Using a leather needle of 90/14 with a 3.0 mm or greater stitch length, and securing your fabric placement with wonder clips will allow you to create your personalized carrier.

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Ostrich-Inspired Luxury

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Ostrich faux leather really does look like the real deal! It has the authentic texture of ostrich leather and is even treated with a gloss top coating to create that beautiful, glowing look. Vinyl Faux Fake Leather Pleather Embossed Premium Ostrich Fabric comes in seven colors, all of them of natural shades such as white, copper, or black. You’ll be able to find the perfect shade to go with existing leather or faux leather products you might already own. Now, you can add to that collection by making a new purse, jacket, belt, or accessories. Create something beautiful for yourself!

This fabric is 54 inches wide and won’t stretch. It is made of PVC and easily wipes clean with a wet cloth. Vinyl Faux Fake Leather Pleather Embossed Premium Ostrich Fabric sells for $14.99, so it is an affordable alternative to genuine leather. You can also get a sample for $1. Let yourself experience the luxury of a custom-made accessory!

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Faux Armadillo for your Upholstery!

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Take a look at this armadillo-textured faux leather! It is perfect for upholstery projects, as it has a Double Rub Count of 60,000. This means it won’t wear out quickly, is very durable, and is suited to frequent use. It also has a nice red fade-to-black look, wonderfully blending the two colors into a realistic leather appearance. The texture is based on that of an armadillo, adding to its authentic look. This fabric also has a genuine leather backing. It will make a wonderful option for upholstering chairs, sofas, and even car seats. You can also use it for clothing!

Grain Armadillo Faux Fake Leather Vinyl Fabric / Sedona has a width of 54″. It does not stretch and is 10% polyethylene, 85% polyester, and 5% leather. To clean it all you need to do is wipe it with a wet cloth. This sturdy fabric is available for $23.95 per yard, and samples are $1. This fabric will certainly bring a new look to your furniture with its intriguing color design!


fuax armadillo faux fur

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